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Elliot Fletcher

Elliot Fletcher

Elliot Fletcher Looks eyes catching and related with . Added on May 30, 2019

unique We chatted with Elliot at a recent MTV Press Junket about his first TV gig and what we can expect from Noah on Season 3 of Faking It AfterEllencom I know they had some pretty great candidates for this role on the show How did you win

modest MTVs Faking It will introduce a recurring transgender characters on Tuesdays episode Newcomer Elliot Fletcher will portray Noah, who is described by The Hollywood Reporter as charismatic, confident and hip and is equal parts

amazing MTVs Faking It has been at the forefront of diversity since it first aired in 2019, even if its premise of two best friends pretending to be lesbians in order to be popular at their superprogressive Austin high school did seem questionable at

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Elliot Fletcher

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