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Freddie Stroma Mode eyes catching and related with . Added on May 31, 2019

cool As "suitor" Adam on Lifetimes "UnREAL," Freddie Stroma plays a charming, handsome and somewhat damaged playboy But, as the episodes roll out each Monday night on the network, Adam is becoming much more than the man

shoes In the pilot of ABCs Time After Time, a young HG Wells Freddie Stroma uses his time machine to travel to presentday New York City, where he finds himself, dressed in a 19thcenturystyle threepiece suit, in the middle of Times

newest UnREAL and Harry Potter fans were excited as any by the Game of Thrones Season 6 casting news that Freddie Stroma would portray Samwell Tarlys brother, Dickon, though the actual appearance itself proved surprisingly short Well,

modest Freddie Stroma looks good in everything, even a moustache from the 1890s Emily Im a sucker for a time travel show where a character from the past has to figure out the current social norms Sleepy Hollow all the way I also love a new

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Freddie Stroma

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