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James Badge Dale Haircut

James Badge Dale

James Badge Dale

James Badge Dale, William Sadler, et al Directed by Shane Black Runtime 2 hrs 10 mins Previous Page 1 2 3 Next Page Show results for Any Department Movies James Badge Dale Its writer is Pulitzer Prizewinning playwright Robert Schenkkan All the Way, who specializes in political drama, and its two actors are the highly regarded James

James Badgett Dale born May 1, 1978, known professionally as James Badge Dale, is an American actor He is known for various roles in film and television

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inspiration Schenkkans righteous college professor, Gloria Tamara Tunie, interviews the

clothes Tony and Pulitzer Prizewinning scribe Robert Schenkkan has penned a timely

unique Rick James Badge Dale, a supervisor in a private prison, has been arrested

2019 As played at fever pitch by a remarkable James Badge Dale, and as questioned by the formidable reporter played by Tamara Tunie, the play is fiercely committed to

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James Badge Dale

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