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Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker Haircut eyes catching and related with . Added on May 28, 2019

amazing As one of the more ambiguous characters in Starzs upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaimans novel, American Gods and trust us, thats really saying something, actor Jonathan Tuckers equation of Low Key to the scrappy, oftparodied

shoes Actors tend to be in good shape to begin with Actors who play athletes tend to keep themselves in better shape If you play an MMA fighter on Kingdom, at times you may have to be in absurd shape, as you can see in this photo of

perfect Jonathan Tucker might have a broken neck Hes not really sure All he knows is that after spending 12 hours filming a fight scene for Kingdom, DirecTVs hit show about mixed martial artists, something felt off But where did Tucker go

unique Im not just a fan of Jonathan Tuckers undeniable acting chops and his knack for picking complex and dynamic roles, from his stints on Parenthood and Justified to his strenuously physical starring role in Kingdom Im not just a fanI

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Jonathan Tucker

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