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nice Nothing makes us happier than when we hear about small businesses who have picked up some great advice and rolled with it Having already published a unique and beautiful map of Melbourne in 1991 Melinda thought it was time to

inspiration Twentyseven years ago Melinda Clarke published the iconic handdrawn Melbourne Map and now shes making a new one Ms Clarke had no experience in map making or illustration, but while backpacking in the 1980s she came across

unique Having made a career out of creating characters fans love to hate, actress Melinda Clarke knows a thing or to about playing the villain Just dont tell her that In fact, Clarke, whose memorable roles includes stints on THE OC, CSI, and

sunglasses This is Melbourne Melinda Clarke in the Melbourne Star observation wheel on Sunday holding a copy of the 1991 map A 2019 version is about to be released Photo Justin McManus Producer Melinda Clarke says the city has changed

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