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Musetta Vander

Musetta Vander

Musetta Vander born 26 May 1963 age 53 is the actress who portrayed Derran Tal in the Star Trek Voyager fifth season episode &quotThe Disease&quot She filmed her scenes Musetta Vander As the daughter of a ballet teacher her first appearance on stage was at age 4 in one of the many shows her mother choreographed She earned a BA in Communications and Psychology and shortly after completing school she qualified

Musetta Vander, Actress The Cell A Dutch South African, Musetta Vander was raised without that most basic of modern conveniencestelevision! Radio programming

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shoes Steven C Miller directs Peter Holden, Musetta Vander and Kelcie Stranahan round out the cast Holden plays Terry, the brothers father, while Vander stars as the stepmother Angela Stranahan plays Cara, Neals love interest The

inspirational Hewing closer to a slow burn with a dash of Amblin, this creature feature dips its toes into 80s Jonny Weston, Gattlin Griffith, Peter Holden, Musetta Vander and Kelcie Stranahan star The film was penned by Eric Stolze who wrote the

pics Jonny Weston, Gattlin Griffith, Peter Holden, Musetta Vander and Kelcie Stranahan all star UNDER THE BED releases from XLRator Media on VOD July 3rd! Every child knows about the monster under the bedNeal Hausmans mistake

2019 In an upcoming episode of CBS police drama TV series "Hawaii FiveO," the show will be featuring two guest stars, South African actress Musetta Vander and "Barney Miller" actor Max Gail Vander appeared in an episode of "Criminal

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Gallery of 22 Pics Musetta Vander

Musetta Vander

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