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31 Haircut Paulina Gaitan

Paulina Gaitan

Paulina Gaitan

31 Haircut Paulina Gaitan eyes catching and related with . Added on May 31, 2019

pants The fastest way to get a job making a horror series for television is to scare the heck out of Steven Spielberg Thats what The River cocreator Oren Peli discovered just over two years ago when he was an unknown director struggling to find

pants Pablo Escobars wife plays a prominent role in Season 2 Beautiful Mexican actress Paulina Gait&225n plays Tata Escobar, based on Pablos wife In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, the showrunner Eric Newman admits that he does not

pics Season 2 is very characterdriven, Moura told Variety Season 1 tries to make you understand Escobars family members, particularly his wife Tata played by Paulina Gaitan and mother Paulina Garcia become more prominent

nice Many of the actors come from different parts of the world Escobars actor Wagner Moura is Brazilian, while his on screen wife is played by Paulina Gait&225n, a Mexican, and his partner in crime, Lu&237s Guzman, is from Puerto Rican meaning

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Paulina Gaitan

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