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Phoebe Cates

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2019 Presenting Love Always, a recurring feature in which we pay tribute to the women who helped shape our views on pop culture It also gave us, without a doubt, the greatest nude scene in film history that involved breasts When Phoebe

modest Hollywood has a long, sometimes obnoxious tradition of trying to recapture the magic of the classics Well, Hollywood has a lot of obnoxious traditions, but in this case were just focusing on the neverending cycle of using the same tropes over

amazing Dear Shia LaBeouf spotlight in no time Cates is currently the owner of the Madison Avenue boutique Blue Tree Cates tells USA Today that her shop patrons frequently recognize her "Or if they dont, they tell me I look like Phoebe

pants with supporting player Miller and stars Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates fielding questions beforehand from the super

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Phoebe Cates

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