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25 Films Spencer Breslin

Spencer Breslin

Spencer Breslin

25 Films Spencer Breslin

inspiration The Kid is a Disney film meant to remind us not to lose sight As science might remind us, children grow up into adults So goes the same for Spencer Breslin who played little Rusty Duritz, who is no longer a little kid, but is now a 23year

photos Spencer Breslin in his most famous role, opposite Bruce Willis in The Kid Spencer Breslin was born on May 18th 1992 in New York His parents, Kim and Michael Breslin, are a personal manager and telecommunications expert

perfect One of Breslins brothers, Spencer Breslin, is also an actor the two worked together as kids in the movie, Raising Helen Oliver Hudson, brother of Golden Globe winner and fitness brand founder Kate Hudson, has made a noteworthy

shoes Disturbingly scaring devoted fans of the horror genre through physical and emotional scares can be a challenging task, as many people have become desensitized, and are unable to sympathize with others who are contending with distressing

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Gallery of 25 Films Spencer Breslin

Spencer Breslin

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